April 30, 2018


國際學生證(International Student Identity Card,簡稱ISIC、ISIC卡)是一張在國際通用的學生證,此證可證明持有人是一位學生。國際學生證的管理機構為國際學生證協會(International Student Identity Card Association)。目前國際學生證在133個國家發行。而國際學生證是目前唯一一張經由聯合國教育、科學與文化組織認可的國際通用學生證。

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status in existence, giving benefits in more than 120 countries worldwide and access to 40,000 discounts. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) endorse the ISIC and recognise it as the unique document for student travel and cultural exchange. 40,000,000 ISIC are issued annually all over the world.

年滿12歲或以上之全日制學生 (包括大專生,海外學生及修讀滿3個月之短期課程的學生)



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